Ice Rolling

I am absolutely in LOVE with ice rolling. If you've never heard of ice rolling, you're in for a treat. Ice rolling has benefits for your skin above and below the surface. Skin is the largest organ on our body so why not take care of it?! I love to think of taking care of my skin as preventive measures for aging. I have the unrealistic goal of looking 25 for most of my life. Haha

 I love to ice roll within 30 minutes of waking up. A few days a week my alarm goes off at 4:15am (wayyyy too early, I know), and my go to 'WAKE UP CALL' is my ice roller.

Now let's dig into the benefits. Ice rolling activates lymphatic drainage. Activating lymphatic drainage is HUGE; it reduces fatigue, redness, puffiness, and irritation. Lymphatic drainage comes from the massaging movement with the ice roller. I like to use my ice roller on any breakouts I may have. I thought that by 18 I wouldn't experience breakouts anymore.... I was wrong, but my ice roller helps keep the redness down and reduces the pain. The coldness of the ice roller shrinks your pours, and has a lifting effect on your skin. Ice rolling even has benefits below the surface. Ice rolling can help with pain and discomfort below the skin. When I have a bad headache and don't want to take medicine, I like to use my ice roller. I feel relief instantly.

Below is an ice roller similar to the one I have. It's cheap and free shipping with Amazon  Prime. 



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