Boutique Fitness

Boutique Fitness.... 


If you aren't familiar with the term boutique fitness, these are the studios that typically specialize in one or two types of fitness. A few examples are Pure Barre, Shift Cycle, Orange Theory, Corepower Yoga, along with many others. 

Boutique either love it or you hate it... or you are too scared to go. For me, I LOVE it! However, I definitely have moments where I am intimidated to go, especially to my first class... ALONE. 



Below are my tips for how to not only take a new fitness class alone, but also enjoy it.

1. Do your research.... Google the place where you're wanting to take a class, and show up prepared (maybe you even call and ask questions). This might mean bringing sticky socks, a yoga mat, renting cycle shoes, or buying a heart rate monitor.

2. Show up early.... I mean 10-15 minutes early. Showing up early can really help you feel much more comfortable starting class. You also might have to sign paperwork, adjust your bike, get equipment, or have a brief tour of the studio.

3. Bring water... Anyone who knows me, knows I ALWAYS bring water everywhere, but especially to a fitness class. Staying hydrated is essential.

4. Open mind... This is the most important thing. You are doing something outside of your comfort zone, so having an open mind is EXTREMELY important. I like to remind myself of a few things to keep an open mind.... no one is judging you (they are much more focused on their own work out), this is a work out (it's supposed to be hard), don't be so hard on yourself (you're not going to be perfect on day one... progress is everything), and have fun!


My current boutique fitness obsessions are Pure Barre at Pure Barre Stapleton and at Shift Cycle in Northfield. I love the balance of the two. Pure Barre helps me to really strengthen my body all over, while Shift Cycle helps me get my cardio on. Both work outs are musically driven, and for me that is HUGE! I love music, and really jammin' out while getting a sweat. It really enhances the experience and makes the time feel like it's flying by.



PS Let me know if you have questions about Pure Barre or Shift Cycle, I am happy to help you make you feel comfortable before taking a class.