Visiting Lamar

Recently, I had the privilege of going back to my hometown for a couple appearances. This was my first speaking appearance as Miss Colorado USA 2019, and my first appearance in my hometown. I was a tad bit nervous about speaking in front of so many people I know.

Being from a small town is an awesome thing. There is something so unique about being from a town where everyone knows everyone. They recognize your car, they know your family, and boy oh boy they are the happiest people ever when you accomplish something. Think of it as having 8,000 cheerleaders for your dreams….. that’s what being from a small town feels like.

Being back in Lamar, this time as Miss Colorado USA, I had more appreciation than ever to be from such a small area of Colorado. When I was at my appearances my best friend was able to be at both events and was taking a million photos (I’m sure she has my speech memorized by now, thanks for everything Gab)!. I also saw people I went to high school with, and spoke to some of their children at my appearances. It was the most amazing feeling to see kids directly connect with my story because we are from the same area. After my appearances in Lamar, I had so many people reach out to me or post on social media about how happy they were that I was able to take time out of my schedule to travel down to Lamar and speak. I left Lamar with a very full heart, and an over flowing amount of gratitude.