What now?

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I recently got home from the Miss USA competition, and by recently it’s been over two weeks but really feels like yesterday. Competing at Miss USA had been a dream of mine for many years. I was determined to represent the state of Colorado on the Miss USA stage and I accomplished that by winning Miss Colorado USA on my 5th try.

First off, let me really explain to you what happens at Miss USA. I arrived in #RenoTahoe (inside joke to all my Miss USA sisters) on April 19th, yep you read that correct April 19th. I was in Reno from the 19th of April until May 3rd which is long time to be away from home. I went out a couple days before registration because I do not like to be rushed. I flew a friend out with me to help me through the airport, and help me organize everything. (Thanks Hannah!!)

Registration began on the 21st, and we moved into our room for the following time. I roomed with Danika, Miss Wisconsin USA (we got to pick our roomies if we wanted). Danika and I already knew each other and had been talking pretty often prior to Miss USA. On the 21st we also got our chaperones and security. Being at Miss USA, is what I imagine to be similar to being a celebrity. Our schedules were planned and we had security everywhere we went. People were always asking to take photos of us and with us. I loved having security, a chaperone, and being around all of the other women. We did everything from photoshoots, to baseball games, to traveling to Lake Tahoe, to rehearsals, to filming videos, to so much more.

Now if you watched the telecast, you know I didn’t make the Top 15. Colorado hasn’t placed since 2011, and my goal was to "make the cut". I worked towards that goal for 8 years, and I didn't achieve it. Yes I was disappointed, but placing was not my only goal of Miss USA. For one, I got to read my Top 5 question that I wrote, (yes I wrote the question!). I wanted to be able to read my question if I didn’t make the Top 15, and that worked out for me. I also had so much fun, and I went to Miss USA to have the time of my life which I did. I took time to get to know as many girls as I could.( I might be biased but the Miss USA class of 2019, is the most amazing group of women, and I am so happy I got to be part of such a strong class.)

I went to Miss USA with the mindset that I had more goals than just placing or winning. I knew that Miss USA was a high caliber competition and the only thing I could control was myself and my attitude. I went out to RenoTahoe to enjoy every moment, make friends, network, get to know the crew, get to know make up artists, and hair stylist, and most importantly be Madison. I knew that the only way I could ever look back to my experience of Miss USA and be happy with the outcome was if I was myself, and myself is exactly who I was.

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Now that my suitcases are unpacked, I’m back to my work, and back to my gym schedule, I keep getting the question of “Now What?”. I will continue to be Miss Colorado USA until I give up my title in October. I will continue to work and learn in my career as a subcontractor (holla if you need a new roof). But most importantly, I’ll continue to strive for growth in every aspect of my life, fitness, health, my blog, giving back, connecting/inspiring, and just being Madison.

Thank you for everyone who supported my journey to Miss USA, I hope you will continue to follow me in all of my endeavors.