Apps, Apps, Apps

When I say Apps, I am not talking about appetizers, I'm talking about phone apps. I have couple apps that aren't very common, but I absolutely LOVE.  I love apps to be fast, efficent, and help me with whatever it is I'm trying to accomplish.

  The Infatuation


Infatuation is  'your restaurant decider'. I'm sure you're thinking, "Madison, just download Yelp." Infatuation is different than Yelp, and for someone like me it's much more helpful than Yelp. Here is what The Infatuation bio says in app store, "New to us? Here's the deal. The Infatuation is a much loved (by our moms) and highly trusted (by pretty much everyone) resource for relatable perspective on restaurants. We help you find the ideal spot that's "Perfect For:" Date Night, Girls' Night Out, Dinner With The Parents, and many other situations. This app exists to help you search through our database of thousands of carefully curated reviews, all of which our small editorial team wrote without restaurants knowing we were there. We are sneaky and also unbiased. This the restaurant guide you've been looking for."

I am not the biggest fan of eating out so when I do eat out, I want it to be a wonderful experience. When I eat out, it is normally an occasion, whether it's date night, or breakfast spots to work at, The Infatuation is a great resource. I used to search Yelp, but I would spend SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time looking for just the right place to go. Yelp also has paid Ads so it is hard to decide if a paid Ad restaurant is really a restaurant that you want to eat because it is not an unbiased search. Right now, The Infatuation is only available in certain cities which makes it even more perfect when traveling. Colorado friends, don't worry Denver is one of the available cities right now!




Shine is a Daily Motivation app that I actually was shown to me by Bre L'Estrange (@brelee) on a video chat we did about Pageantry. She is also a blogger who can be found at

 I am a big journal(er), for me journaling helps me feel grounded, self aware, and keep my brain out of a fog. This Shine app helps with a daily self check in which is something I think we all need. We are so connected socially that sometimes, I think we need just a minute to check in with ourselves, and connect inward. This is what Shine says in the app store "The Shine App is here to help you crush life. And when you just don't feel like you're crushing it, we'll remind you that you are *not* alone in whatever you're struggling with."

This app reminds you to check in with a notification.  It has many other inspirational and  motivational features, but I use the check in daily (or at least I try). You check in, in a text format so you can even go back and look a previous check ins. Below is an example of what it looks like. I keep this quick, because I usually do have a pretty busy day. I like that this app in just a couple minutes can help improve my attitude and gratitude throughout the rest of the day.


I hope you found this helpful and valuable! I would love for you to comment below, and let me know if you download either of these apps. 



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