Staying on Track

Staying Accountable

Staying on track and staying accountable is such a challenge. I have to stay accountable for multiple jobs, and my personal goals. Some days this is much more difficult than others. There are couple thing I use all the time to keep myself in check.


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Make a list

I love making lists. I have super cute 'To Do' notepad where I write things I have to get done everyday on (or at least I try my best to get done). This list includes work things, what work out I'm doing, if I'm meal prepping, if the dogs need a walk, and house chores. Without a clear list of what I HAVE to get done, I just float through the day without a clue... yeah I would get some of it done, but I want to be productive as possible.

Once I have my list for the day made, I prioritize. This is HUGE. For me, work stuff especially things with deadlines come first. After that is working out. Working out is something I do for me, that I have built into my everyday routine. I do not work out 7 days a week, but I try my best to do some sort of active movement even if it is just walking the dogs.

My favorite thing about making a list is crossing things off the list. Sounds simple, but I find it so satisfying. If I end up doing something that wasn't on the list, I add it, just so I can cross if off.


Have a Plan

Another one of my favorite things for keeping myself accountable is my planner. My current planner is an Erin Condren Life Planner Hourly Layout. This planner has a monthly overview and an hourly breakdown. I write the big events, trips, weekends I teach Pure Barre, and birthdays on the monthly view.

The hourly view in the this planner goes from 6am to 7pm.... My schedule doesn't always fit in those hours, but I can make it work. All appointments I have I write in the hourly view. I write in work outs like appointments because to me it is an appointment with myself for myself.  At least 4 days a week I have to be places at specific times so I write those in my schedule. From there, I look at my planner and decide when I should do things off my list based on time and priority.

When I have a busy day or am traveling, I like to keep my planner in my purse. Typically, I have my laptop and my planner so that I can get work done almost anywhere. I have tried many different planners, but I love the hourly view in this the planner the best.

If you have any planner suggestions, accountability tips or tricks, I'd love to hear from you!