Note To Self

This month was International Self-Care Day. Self-Care in my opinion really sets the tone for your entire life. For me keeping up with self-care, helps me to maintain a positive and motivated attitude. I believe it is so easy to not make self care a priority, then we begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious. I am guilty of feeling overwhelmed or anxious pretty often so I make sure to prioritize my self-care. Some days I take more time on self-care than others, but I think a little time for yourself is always needed.

My easiest a quickest tip for battling anxiousness or feeling overwhelmed is to just stop for a minute. Take a deep breathe, and find something your grateful for. When I find myself thinking about what I am grateful for sometimes, it's the funniest things. For example, I am grateful to have a busy life. Yes, that busy life makes me overwhelmed at times, but really how lucky am I that I am needed, and am such in asset to so many others' lives or/and businesses. 

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Another one of my favorite things to do is journal. I am a HUGE fan of journaling regardless of what type of day I've had. Journaling helps me to keep a clear mind and stay grounded.  I have super cute, light pink notebook with my favorite purple pen by my bedside at all times. I think the cuteness helps me enjoy it even more. When I journal, I ALWAYS write positive affirmations. I absolutely love affirmations. I had a pageant coach encourage me to practice affirmations years ago, and it really resonated with me. Some of my favorites are below.


I think self-care can sometimes become harmed when you start comparing your life to others. When I find myself comparing, I immediately remind myself, STOP COMPARING YOUR LIFE TO OTHERS.  This is so important especially for us millennial's. We are so connect through all social platforms that it is so easy to get looking at others lives, bodies, travels, relationships, style, etc. that we can get down on ourselves.  When you notice this happening, I encourage you, get off social media for the rest of the day! Social media is a wonderful tool for connecting, but it is important to remember your life is unlike anyone else's, and that makes you SPECIAL! 

I also think it is important to make sure your listening to something positive. If I am in the middle of a busy day at my desk or busy running errands, I like to turn on my favorite podcast or audio (if you haven't used audible before, click the link below for two free books) book to keep my mindset right. My favorite book to keep me in a positive mindset is, "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero. I will start this book wherever I stopped it last, and just listen even if it's for an hour or two, I always notice my mood and attitude improve after listening to it. Another one of my favorite things to listen to is 'The Skinny Confidential Podcast', it always provides me with value, and a laugh.

I do so many things for self-care everyday, these are just a few of my favorites. I like to keep my mindset as positive as I can so that positivity translates to all areas of my life. If you want me to share some more of my self-care tips on my Instagram Stories, please comment below or on my latest Instagram post.