Top 5 Amazon Products

Ya'll I am obsessed with Amazon. I think it is so efficient, great prices, and Amazon Prime is a lifesaver. I don't really know what we did before Amazon. I remember when I started college, I thought of Amazon as a book re-sale site, now I think of it for everything.... like seriously EVERYTHING.

My first number one can't live without Amazon product is my Amino Energy. My mom actually got me into drinking Aminos, and now its my pre-work out pick-me up instead of actually drinking pre-workout. Amino Energy has so many benefits some of which include reducing fat, preventing inflammation, preventing fatigue, speeding up heeling, and so much more. This is an absolute must if you're a fitness lover like me. 

My second Amazon must is my Ice Roller. If you guys know me, you know I am absolutely obsessed with my Ice Roller.If you want all the deets, head over to the Beauty category of my blog and check it out. 


My next favorite Amazon find is Hartli's dog food. It sounds silly to order dog food, but I order big bags that are so annoying to go buy in the store, but with Amazon the dog food is delivered right to my door, talk about convenient and efficient.  Not to mention normally it's cheaper than buying the dog food in a pet store.

Another great Amazon purchase are my Tinkle (Tink) razors. I order these and use them on the weird peach fuzz on my face.  Sometimes I even use it between my brows. I do throw mine away after one use because they are cheap, and I don't want to be using a dirty razor on my face.


My most frequently used Amazon purchase is my tongue scrapper. I have heard so much about tongue scraping lately, that I joined the trend, and I am not disappointed. There are so many benefits to tongue scraping. Some of which include clearing toxins & bacteria from the tongue, helps to eliminate bad breath, and gently stimulates the internal organs. I try to tongue scrap right when I wake up, and right before I go to bed.

I want to hear from you, what are your favorite Amazon products? Let me know in the comments or my latest Instagram post.



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