How I Prepared for Miss Colorado USA- Part 2

Now let’s talk about another huge part of competition, and what I did to fully prepare. Before we jump into how I prepared physically for Miss Colorado USA, let me share my fitness background. I have always struggled with my body image and my relationship with food for as long as I can remember. I love to eat, and at different points in life I haven’t always ate healthy. During my years of competing for Miss Colorado USA, I lost over 40 pounds, yep you read that right over 40 pounds. Losing weight isn’t easy, and it is just as challenging mentally as it is physically.

When preparing for Miss Colorado USA, I started by just adding more into my diet. This meant more water and more veggies. I tried not to think about taking things out of my diet because for me when I really restrict myself is when I really crave not so healthy foods. I also, do not starve. Not eating makes me feel kind of crazy which defeats the purpose of competing. I also love to cook, so I would try to make things as healthy as possible at home while knowing I could still enjoy them. Another thing, I did when competing when it came to food was prepare. I always had (and still have) snacks in my bag, and meals planned for the week or at least a ‘just in case’ healthy meal for if I get super hungry and am considering making poor eating decisions.

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When it comes to the working out portion of being physically prepared for Miss Colorado USA, I feel like that is where I really excelled. I love to work out, for me that’s my happy place, and my ‘ME’ time. I worked out 7 days a week for an hour to two hours a day, I currently still do this, and couldn’t imagine my life any other way. I am group fitness fanatic, something about energy in a class and not having to think about what to do really helps me. When preparing for Miss Colorado USA I did Orange Theory Fitness 7 days a week, and Pure Barre 4 days a week. I tried to get at least 15,000 steps a day including my work outs. I also really enjoy cardio, whether it’s running, elliptical, stair stepper, I am all about it. It’s so easy to watch a show or get lost in thought that I really enjoy that time just being in my own bubble at the gym. Overall, I really focused on transitioning my life to more active lifestyle, taking the stairs, longer walks with my dog, just overall more movement.

I believe when it comes to the physical aspect of pageants it is really easy to get inside your own head and compare yourself to others. I truthfully, never looked at anyone else’s social media prior to competing. I knew that I was only trying to be in my best shape, and my best shape doesn’t look like someone else’s. I also embraced my body. I have long legs and big hips so I made sure I had a swim suit that fit my body and didn’t draw attention to places I didn’t want attention. The most important part of being prepared for the physical aspect of a pageant is put in the work, give yourself plenty of time, and be confident about you are because once again you are ENOUGH.